Tuesday, 5 June 2007


uncertainhorizon said...

I just watched the youtube version... It was adorable... I Loved it!!! So when are you doing Steam Trek: The Next Generation , Steam Trek DS9, and Steam Trek Voyager?????

buyo said...

Can't find your email but thought you might be interested in this:
Japanese Steampunk

Rich said...

That's fantastic. Even with your description of the process, I can't imagine how hard it was to make it look so much like an actual silent film, in style and plot. (It's like professional singer trying to sound bad, in a way.) Saying that the concept and writing were clever is a bit like saying the sun is a bit warm. Your group captured the vital essence of both silent film and Star Trek perfectly, and the visuals were simply excellent. Even the little things cracked me up, like how to have a "red shirt" in black & white, the USS Isambard's registry number, and even the way the ship planed for a moment before flying away at the end.

I'm sure Georges Méliès, Fritz Lang and Gene Roddenberry would be proud. Best wishes for all of your future endeavors.

Cory Fuller said...

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